Alabama – So much more than southern hospitality

Southern hospitality can sometimes be an over-used term. As with all stereotypes, the depiction as warm, friendly and welcoming is not true of every single resident of Southern United States. Some writers have argued for example, that the phrase is used to overcompensate for the history of slavery and discrimination which was rampant in these states. Nonetheless, you will find true southern hospitality across the south, which is usually typified by enduring traditions, good manners and etiquette.

In Alabama, you will be sure to find an abundance of sheer southern hospitality. If you are considering a move to the state, you will likely meet up on warm and sincere neighbours who will assist you in settling in as comfortably as possible. Whether you are considering the purchase of a flat, an old mansion, apartments in Mobile, Birmingham or Montgomery, or just a vacation, you will receive graciousness and kindness from Southerners.

You will also find that Alabama is a good place to reside, as the cost of living in the state is lower than the national average.  This is good, but you will also have to decide if the allure of southern hospitality is enough to compensate for the low average salaries. The cost of living is low, however, the average salaries also fall below the national average.

It is good to note that even though you are moving to a southern state, you still do not necessarily have to give up on some of the pleasures and amenities that you may be used to in the more metropolitan areas. The major cities in Alabama are evenly spread across the state, and each will offer you the same quality services and facilities that you are accustomed to.

In the summer, Alabama can be among the hottest states in the United States, particularly in the southern sections of the state. The state also reports a lot of thunderstorms and tornados. In fact, Alabama has the most frequent occurrence of tornados in the country. Winter temperatures are a bit more accommodating, and snow is highly unlikely. If you are looking to escape the freezing temperatures in the north, don’t just look to Florida. Think about visiting Alabama as well.

The constant “pleases” and “thank yous” will be sure to make you smile. But while escaping the winter temperatures, there is so much more to do. Museums and attractions are everywhere, and can offer you varied experiences such as chronicles of the civil rights movement to information on race cars and motorcycles.

Experiences are not limited there either. In the state, you will find the Birmingham Zoo, in addition to botanical gardens, space centres, golf courses and more. The Oak Mountain State Park and the Noccalula Falls are joys to behold. Alabama beaches have been said to be among the best this side of the hemisphere, and you can also consider checking out the Mountaintop Native American Festival.  Whatever your interest, just name it and someone will help you to find it in Alabama.

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