NJIT is the Most Underrated College in the US

The competition for gaining entry to the US’ top colleges is getting fierce. Will you be applying to colleges soon? Well, consider this new information from Business Insider who ranked the most underrated colleges in the United States. Emerging at the top of the list is the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). These graduates earn far more than the national average!

For over two decades, US News has been helping students and parents find the right college. Business Insider sought to compare schools’ ranking on US News with a Pay Scale ranking, determined by the average mid-career salary of graduates.

For 2015, US News places NJIT at 149 on its list of top colleges. Do not throw away your application form just yet! Business Insider ranks the college at 69, based on the average salaries that college graduates receive. This means that if you attended NJIT, you are very likely to receive a higher salary than graduates from other schools.

The college scores well when it comes to job placement. With almost 60% of graduates gaining employment, NJIT places approximately 26% more students in jobs than other colleges. You do want to be employed after leaving school right?

Following the Newark-based institution is the University of Massachusetts at Lowell. Ranked at 156 by US News, the school comes in at 80 on the Pay Scale Rank. The ranking suggests that graduates from UMass at Lowell will receive a much higher salary than graduates from other schools which may be considered to be more elite in terms of academics and other activities.

The Florida Institute of Technology completes the top three, with a ranking of 173 on US News, and 146 when scored by average salary. As students, parents and other advisors forge ahead with college applications, it is worthwhile to widen the college search. As noted by Business Insider’s research, you will find that graduates from quite a few colleges are more likely to gain employment and command a higher salary than their US News ranking would suggest.

The list of top ten underrated colleges is completed by the University of Houston (4), Missouri University of Science and Technology (5), Hofstra University (6), Widener University (7), Louisiana Tech University (8), Clarkson University (9), and the University of Alabama in Mobile (10). The return on investment in a college education at these institutions is very likely to be great.

However, don’t just run to seek apartments in Mobile, Manhattan and Newark in your quest to attend one of these schools! There are still a number of factors to consider when selecting the best school for you to pursue undergraduate study. Accreditation, quality of the departments and general student life, are just a few of the things to look at. Also, though graduates at the underrated colleges listed above are commanding top salaries, it may very well be the case that these graduates are mostly from specific departments. Get as much information as you can in your search for the perfect fit.

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